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Founded by Richard Peterson & Nikki Caputa, UK Hypopressives provides information, education and training in Hypopressives to the general public and fitness professionals alike. Although originally trained to Expert Level in Marcel Caufriez’s Metodo Hipopresivo, UK Hypopressives are now affiliated with Hipopresivo by Pinsach & Rial.

Richard Peterson

Richard Peterson is a Health & Fitness Coach as well as a Level 5 Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist. It was during his fitness coaching that he had a number of ante and post natal clients, as well as significant numbers with lower back pain and postural issues.

Although trained to coach pregnant and post natal women, he just didn’t feel that the training out there was good enough to get women back in the shape that they wanted to be and, particularly, to re-programme the core and help women regain their pre-pregnancy bodies.

richard peterson

It was really by chance that he discovered the first certified Hypopressives Fundamentals Course in the UK in London in 2012. It’s true to say that he took a chance on the course but the outcome couldn’t have been better!

Since learning Fundamental and Advanced Hypopressives in London he has travelled to Banyoles in Spain to complete the Hypopressives Expert Level Certification. This makes him, along with UK Hypopressives co-founder Nikki Caputa, one of only five Expert level instructors in the UK. Learning Hypopressives has transformed the way he now works with his clients, mainly due to the wide ranging application of the method. So, those pre and post natal women, as well as the ones with pain and postural issues, are able to find solutions to their particular problems.

When not instructing clients in Hypopressives, Richard has his own portfolio of personal training clients and trains actors for major film and TV roles. He’s also father to three young boys who take up the rest of his time and energy!

nikki caputa

Nikki Caputa

Nikki Caputa is a health and fitness coach and level 5 remedial and sports massage therapist. Her passion for fitness became her dream job not long after she gave birth to twin boys. It was during her pregnancy that she found that there wasn’t really a great deal of choice for the ante natal woman and very few appropriate classes.

Once her boys were born she qualified as a personal trainer and specialised in ante and post natal fitness, setting up one of the first buggy fitness classes in her area.

Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge lead her into researching Hypopressives, as she always felt there must be a more effective way to tone and strengthen the core and particularly the pelvic floor. In 2012 Nikki trained in London on one of the first Hypopressive instructor’s courses to come to the UK, learning Fundamentals and Advanced level Hypopressives. From there she has used the method on many of her clients and was astounded with the results, especially with posture.

This led her to go to Spain in December 2013 to train to Expert level with some of the top trainers and pelvic floor specialists. This makes her, along with UK Hypopressives co-founder Richard Peterson, one of only five Expert level instructors in the UK. Nikki uses the method herself daily as well as being a keen ice-skater and is kept active looking after her boys who are now teenagers. She also writes a weekly health column for The Portsmouth News.

Learn to Teach Hypopressives

Learn to Teach Hypopressives

Hypopressives Courses

Hypopressives Courses

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Book a Taster Workshop

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We recognise that Hypopressives is new to most people. There are costs associated with getting trained; generally speaking, the longer the training the greater the cost. So, we have devised workshops which provide a basic theoretical and practical framework for people who want to dip their toes in the Hypopressive water but aren’t ready to commit to being fully trained. Consider them as the starting point for learning Hypopressives, whether you’re a member of the public or a fitness professional.

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Please use our details on the contact page to get in touch if you are looking to learn Hypopressives or to teach it. Either Nikki or Richard will be happy to help.