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Welcome to the UK Hypopressives blog pages. We will be adding to them from time to time with articles and news related to the rise of Hypopressives in the UK. Keep checking back with us….

Nikki Caputa

Case Study – Incontinence

Abby Lord, aged 41 from East Lothian, tells her story of suffering after her first child was born in 2011 in thinking that incontinence and feeling like her inner body was falling out was normal after child birth and it would get better…… It didn’t. She went to see a...

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Consistency: The Forgotten Key to Success

Consistency, defined as steadfast adherence to the same principles, course or form, seems to me to be the forgotten key to health & fitness success. Regardless of your goals. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to lose body fat, create a strong core, gain...

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Can over 1.3 million people really be wrong?

So who’s signed up for the 30-day AB challenge that’s doing the rounds on Facebook and the internet? How is that working for you? More importantly, when committing to doing 30 days’ of traditional abdominal exercises what were your goals? What were you expecting to...

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Get Trained

We recognise that Hypopressives is new to most people. There are costs associated with getting trained; generally speaking, the longer the training the greater the cost. So, we have devised workshops which provide a basic theoretical and practical framework for people who want to dip their toes in the Hypopressive water but aren’t ready to commit to being fully trained. Consider them as the starting point for learning Hypopressives, whether you’re a member of the public or a fitness professional.

Contact Nikki or Richard

Please use our details on the contact page to get in touch if you are looking to learn Hypopressives or to teach it. Either Nikki or Richard will be happy to help.