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Hypopressives Courses for The Public

Once you’ve completed a workshop, which will provide the theoretical and practical background you need to get started, you then have a number of options in order to learn the full Hypopressive Fundamentals:

Intensive training

This comprises of two group sessions with a maximum of 10 participants. The first session lasts four hours and the second is 4 weeks later and lasts two hours. In the gap between the two sessions we’ll send you away to practice what you’ve learnt in the first one.

This is the most cost effective and fastest way to learn Hypopressives. However, although there will only be a maximum of 10-12 participants, you won’t be receiving the individual instruction that you get from one-to-one training.

Please note there will always a minimum of 2 Expert Level Hypopressives Instructors in attendance at an Intensive course.

First session (4 hours)

  • Assessments
  • Breathing consolidation
  • Postural cues consolidation
  • The full 8 postures with all hand positions
  • What to do next

Second session (2 hours) (4 weeks later)

  • Consolidation of postural cues
  • Consolidation of all postures
  • What to do next
One-to-One Training

This is the most effective but most costly means by which to learn the method. This is due to the fact that, although it looks simple, Hypopressives are very technical. What we’ve found during our instruction of the method is that there is great variance between clients as to how quickly they absorb the information and learn the routine in full.

One-to-one training means that you can move at the pace which suits your ability to absorb the information we give you and to master the physical cues required.

Regardless of how quickly you learn you’ll require a minimum of 7 one hour sessions with an instructor. A joint decision can then be made as to whether more training is needed.

All clients will be required to do a minimum of two sessions a week for five weeks in which they will be doing apneas (the holding of the breath). It’s up to each client to decide how often they want to be instructed during this process.

Once the five weeks have been completed. Clients will need to do the 20 minute routine they’ve been taught during the first 5 weeks, every day for 30 days. This will complete the core re-programming phase of the training.

Again it’s up to each client to decide, in collaboration with the instructor, how many hours of supervised training they’d like to do. But the minimum requirement is 7 hours.

Training with a Partner

Often we’ve found that friends like to learn Hypopressives together. From a social support perspective it’s a great thing to do. However, as people learn at varying rates, and the fact that two diaries needed to be synchronised, logistically it can be the most challenging means by which to learn the method.

If it is feasible, each individual will need to do at least 3 one-to-one sessions to learn the basics before being able to train with a partner. Once partnered they will require a minimum of 4 further sessions.

The format is the same as with the one-to-one sessions.

Learn to Teach Hypopressives

Learn to Teach Hypopressives

Hypopressives Courses

Hypopressives Courses

Book a Taster Workshop

Book a Taster Workshop

Get Trained

We recognise that Hypopressives is new to most people. There are costs associated with getting trained; generally speaking, the longer the training the greater the cost. So, we have devised workshops which provide a basic theoretical and practical framework for people who want to dip their toes in the Hypopressive water but aren’t ready to commit to being fully trained. Consider them as the starting point for learning Hypopressives, whether you’re a member of the public or a fitness professional.

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Please use our details on the contact page to get in touch if you are looking to learn Hypopressives or to teach it. Either Nikki or Richard will be happy to help.