I arranged for all of my staff to attend the UK Hypopressives Level 1 course as we now ONLY teach Hypopressives in our studio, replacing outdated Abs and Kegel programs. Our Hypopressive clientele make up 80% of our business now. If you`re not teaching this method yet, you need to do this for the sake of your clients and keeping yourself ahead of the times!

Marie Behenna

Hypopressives now replaces all outdated core training!

I can’t recommend the instructor training course highly enough, such an informative two days.

Lizzie & myself are just about to run our second round of workshops with Complete Core Control. We have a long waiting list for spaces, clients coming in for consultations & lots of new enquires.

Thank you Richard Peterson & Nikki Caputa we couldn’t have done this without you guys.

Sarah St John

We have a waiting list!

Thank you Nikki & Richard for an amazing weekend level 1 Hypopressive training. Great venue & great people on the course Lizzie & I are feeling inspired.


Fantastic course!

Many thanks for the workshop I attended last night. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to learning more.



After coming on the Level One Course in June I have started training some of my clients.My first guinea pig is doing really well, back pain gone, good sex, lost weight, gained confidence & improved incontinence all in 6 weeks!


Great results so far!

After attending the Level One Hypopressive course in London at the weekend I have gone away with much to think about! I flew in from Spain for the course and the trainers were excellent. I am a Pilates instructor and I really thought that Pilates had taught me so much but this course was a clear example that there is always so much more to learn.

Sharon Powell

Level one course

I have just attended a workshop with Nikki and Richard and wanted to say what brilliant trainers they are. They were very proficient and clear in their delivery. The hands on approach was very much appreciated and I felt very supported throughout.

Ros Bristow

Brilliant trainers

I recently completed some intensive training with Nikki in Hypopressives. Initially I did 4 hours of training and then yesterday a further 2 hours. After giving birth just 3 months ago I was left with embarrassing stress incontinence which was happening on a daily basis. After the initial training session and then just daily practice of 10- 15 minutes I have noticed significant changes. I would say that the incontinence now happens about once a week instead of every day!! I am very pleased as I know that things will only improve from here!

Nicola Durnford

Marked improvement in Stress Incontinenece

I had problems with poor posture and weak pelvic floor, which was causing bladder problems, when I came to Nikki and hypopresives.

After 2 months of hypopresive training not only have I noticed significant changes in my waistline and how my jeans fit me but I also feel like there is a lot more definition in my waist area.

My posture has also improved greatly and I am much more mindful of my posture on a daily basis. Working with Nikki has also encouraged me to make more healthy changes to the way I eat and I am drinking far more water.

Jas Sohal Mum of 13 year old twins-

I noticed significant changes

Just to say thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday and I do believe it’s started to sink in!! Took a while!

I have to say both you and Richard were very patient with us.

Will try practising on my own for a while but I’m sure I will need one or two one-to-ones before the six weeks is up.

Carole Gannon 67

I have to say both Nikki and Richard were very patient with us.

Hypopressives were the solution to the recovery of my pelvic floor after labour. It got my little prolapse back in place and I felt a lot better in myself. The diastasis recti also improved really quickly.

I would recommend them to all women, specially during menopause and after labour, but also if they run or lift weights during their daily lives. I am so glad that I know how to do them and that I can resort to them anytime!
About the process, Hypopressives can be a bit challenging as you need some body awareness, so having Richard teaching me was great. Richard is a dedicated teacher, very observant and methodic, and his instructions are clear so I learned the method quickly and efficiently and he was always there to answer any question. Highly recommended!!”

Beatriz 30, Mother of 1

A solution to the recovery of my pelvic floor

Richard trained me and a friend in the basic Hypopresives technique and gave advice on nutrition. I found him a good teacher, paying attention to detail and bringing lots of energy and motivation to the sessions. He was very flexible in arranging class times around us. I felt he understood what I wanted to get out of it and checked in regularly to see if this was being achieved. He was also good at making sure it fitted into my daily routine and was realistically achievable.

I found the Hypopresives extremely useful, not only for core strength, toning and pelvic floor control, which I was expecting, but it also seems to have gone a long way to curing my regular migraines which I have been suffering from for 20 years, probably as a result of postural improvement and better oxygenation.

The advice on diet was also very interesting and I have substantially changed my eating habits as a result. So, all in all, well worth it and I intend to continue using the regime Richard has taught us.

Katy – Mother of 3

A Good Teacher

After the birth of my third child I was desperate to get back into shape. I had absolutely no connection with my core whatsoever and could not \’engage\’ any abdominals if I tried. I was told about the Hypopresive technique from a friend and it all sounded very strange to me. I was extremely dubious, but I decided to give it a try so embarked on a 5 week course with Richard. I was very, very surprised with the changes in my body following my 30 days of daily practice.

I now feel like I have control of my core and I have an increase in abdominal tone particularly in my upper abs. I have more definition in my upper arms and my posture has improved dramatically. I can even jump on our trampoline with my kids with a full bladder! The most surprising thing I found about Hypopresive practice is how good it makes me feel for the day I do it. It is such a brilliant way to start my day and I am very grateful that I gave it a go.

Posture Improved Dramatically

A Good Teacher

I started Hypopresives 12 weeks after giving birth to my daughter as I was looking for something which would help me get back into shape but I did not feel ready for hard physical work outs. I completed a 12 week course with Richard and the results were astounding. Combining two sessions a week with Richard and carrying out the routine daily my abdominal tone improved significantly, my waist reduced by 6 centimetres and post-natal incontinence was a thing of the past.

As you progress through the techniques it becomes increasingly physically demanding providing more overall toning benefits. I found Hypopresives to be very effective post-birth and I still include its techniques in my weekly work outs – if I have further children I will definitely complete another course Hypopresives following the birth. The techniques work your body from the inside out and the results made a huge difference.

Louise – Mother of 1

Very Effective

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Get Trained

We recognise that Hypopressives is new to most people. There are costs associated with getting trained; generally speaking, the longer the training the greater the cost. So, we have devised workshops which provide a basic theoretical and practical framework for people who want to dip their toes in the Hypopressive water but aren’t ready to commit to being fully trained. Consider them as the starting point for learning Hypopressives, whether you’re a member of the public or a fitness professional.

Contact Nikki or Richard

Please use our details on the contact page to get in touch if you are looking to learn Hypopressives or to teach it. Either Nikki or Richard will be happy to help.